Why Claspies?

Claspies provide tremendous flexibility in terms of underwear changing, while providing customers with convenience, safety, comfort and an ability to change panties anywhere at anytime!  Styled to feel and look just like normal string bikini underwear; Claspies allow you to STAND on two feet while putting on your panties ... plus, you can keep your pants and shoes on during the entire process (no more worrying about losing your balance and having your feet touch wet/dirty bathroom floors)!  Athletes, travellers, adventurers, physical therapists, patients and everyday people all agree that Claspies are a "game changer" when it comes to underwear.  Here's a few quotes from our customers:

 "After a good workout, I love being able to "clasp" on clean underwear.  My legs are very thankful they do not have to worry about balancing while changing."
"While traveling, there is nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of panties in the middle of a long journey!  Thank you Claspies."
"No changing facility in sight ... No problem! ... I love the freedom of not having to worry about finding a place to change."
"Claspies are a long overdue game changer when it comes to the cath'ing process!"
PHYSICAL THERAPISTS "I recommend Claspies to all my patients recovering from back and lower body injuries.  Claspies make it so much easier for them to get in and out of their underwear, and minimizes the chances they will further injure themselves during the panty changing process.  Looking forward to a men's version."
PATIENTS "I love Claspies!  When I first went to the hospital without Claspies, I had to squirm (endure pain) every time a doctor or nurse needed to check me (multiple times a day).  With Claspies, I did not have to move at all (no additional pain) ... and mentally I felt much more confident wearing Claspies that felt just like normal panties as opposed to hospital underwear."
"Claspies saved me from an embarassing and uncomfortable day during that "time of the month".  Thankfully I had a pair of Claspies in my purse, and I could continue my day feeling clean!