Welcome Claspies Customers

Thank you for visiting our online home and being part of our Claspies Community!  Without our Community, the future growth and expansion of our Claspies product line would not be possible.  The Claspies team constantly strives to find ways to make life easier, and our patent pending design enables you to stand on two feet while putting on your underwear. Styled to feel and look just like your favorite everyday underwear; Claspies allow you to put on fresh clean underwear whenever and wherever you desire.  Just roll down your pants (no need to take them off) ... unclasp the Claspies you are wearing, and clasp on a new pair.  Go ahead, free yourself from the shackles of traditional underwear!

Currently, we are proud to offer our flagship product ... Claspies Women's Bikini.  Our women's bikini appeals to a variety of customers:

"After a good workout, I love being able to "clasp" on clean underwear.  My legs are very thankful they do not have to worry about balancing while changing."
While traveling, there is nothing better than putting on a fresh pair of panties in the middle of a long journey!  Thank you Claspies."
"No changing facility in sight ... No problem! ... I love the freedom of not having to worry about finding a place to change."
"As a PT, I recommend Claspies to all my patients recovering from back and lower body injuries.  Claspies make it so much easier for them to get in and out of their underwear, and minimizes the chances they will further injure themselves during the underwear changing process.  Looking forward to a men's version."
"Claspies saved me from an embarassing and uncomfortable day during that "time of the month".  Thankfully I had a pair of Claspies in my purse, and I could continue my day feeling clean!   

Additionally, please read a couple of testimonials from the Press and our Claspies Community.

We look forward to seeing you back here again soon as the Claspies team has been working on a men's line as well a maternity line. Please contact us with questions, suggestions, recommendations, anything you can think of ... we love to hear from you!